08 December 2008

A weekend in Tainan

This weekend, Dan, Dani, Nicki, Shana, and I ventured into the city of 台南, about an hour north of 高雄, led by Shana's host family. Tainan is the former capital of Taiwan, known for its beautiful architecture and numerous old temples. It had a pleasant old-town feel, and though it's also a large city for Taiwan, it felt much less like a city than dear old Kaohsiung.

Anyway, I'm tired and it's been a long day, so enjoy your favorite kind of blog post: light on narrative, heavy on pictures.

Saturday night, a nice alley/side-street (in black and white-- I was fooling with my camera settings):

The front of Shana's host father's favorite temple:

A nominee for my Taiwanese food hall of fame, 鱔魚米粉, for the categories "thing I least wanted to eat" and "thing that made me feel sick the longest:"

Sunday morning, scenes from the temple parade (switch to phone camera as my real one ran out of batteries):

The Confucius temple:

A very old tree outside the temple:

And a nice garden:

And those are the highlights from my weekend trip to Tainan.

I will also note, it was no colder than 55 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday night, and we found ourselves shivering in sweatshirts, hoods pulled up, and blowing on our hands to keep warm. Oh, Taiwanese winter...


Aunt Judy said...

Kates -- could you please tell us what that was that you ate -- in English? OR do we truly not want to know?
Aunt Judy

Steve said...

that food looks so awful. hahaha i'm sorry you had to eat that.

費凱蒂 Katie said...

Just a reminder-- for all the Chinese in my blog, you can just hover over it with your mouse and the Chinese pronunciation and English translation should pop up.

...And you will learn that 鱔魚米粉 is eel soup.

glennie said...

I like eel. I'm not sure i'd like it in soup, but it is very tasty as sushi!

What were you doing in tainan?

wisefly said...

Hi Katie. I'm a Canadian living Kaohsiung and I've been spying on your blog for a while... good job! I wanted to ask about your N78... I was thinking about buying one but wanted to know more about it from someone who might have used one long enough to know its quirks. Email me if you have time... thanks! wisefly at gmail dot com.