21 August 2009

Updates to come: More Taiwan, and some Poland too!

I promise.

I haven't forgotten this blog, or all of you who may read it. Every few days I get a reminder that I haven't updated in a while, but when your sole source of computing is a 7" constantly-overheating-in-the-summer laptop (with no pictures on its 8GB hard drive), it's hard to get motivated to type more than a few sentences.

Anyway, from August 26-September 23 I will be embarking on Katie's Polish Adventure (take two). Armed with my external hard drive and Jonathan's powerful self-built PC (and being left to my own devices during working hours), I will hopefully finally find the time and energy for updates. So in addition to my wrapping up writing on Taiwan, you can also expect more posts on Krakow, and possibly a little on Budapest and Prague (our tentative weekend plans).

Until my triumphant return to the blogosphere, feel free to leave your input on any or all of the following:
  • What I should do/where I should go in Krakow, Poland, Prague, Budapest, and the general areas;
  • What you'd like to hear more about from my experiences in Taiwan;
  • Whether I should continue this blog (or start a new one, or give up on blogging) once I hit the world of full-time employment;
  • Any books you think I should read, as I've suddenly started reading again, a lot, and will need reading for my trip; and/or
  • What you think of Project Runway's transition from Bravo to Lifetime.
Until we meet again!


glennie said...

prague is amazing! the czechs have very good beer (and mulled wine). cheap too, considering that its not on the euro. Try going to a black box theater - its an interesting experience.

I'm not sure what else i want to hear about taiwan, except that i want lots and lots of pictures! The future of the blog is up to you.

As for books, i've recently read Geeklove (very well written and interesting) and i'm in the middle of The Help, which is sad and disturbing. I also have a spy thriller called Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy lined up. Go to NPR - its where i get most of my book recs.

Aunt Judy said...

The Middle Place; Olive Kittridge; The White Tiger -- three that I have really liked recently. The Middle Place is written by a woman who grew up in Radnor. Your mother recommended it to me.
Can you blog after you start your job?
Guess I won't be seeing you until the big weekend. Have a great time in Poland. Prague is one of my most favorite cities in the world, and Buda and Pest are quite beautiful. Great shopping in Prague -- especially crystal.
Travel safely! Get your dress before you go!!

Maya said...

In Prague, try and make it to the church in time to see the figurines come out, which I think happens at noon. The Jewish tour is kind of interesting, it includes a group of synagogues and the old Jewish cemetery.

In Budapest, there's a gorgeous old synagogue on Oraingesomething (it's a really famous street. You can get really nice views of the Parliament building if you wander around the hills of Buda, the cathedral has stunning views from the top of it, and the Statue Park is a bit of a pain to get to but a quality visit if you're into old statues of Soviet leaders and kitschy merchandise.

AnnaR said...

1) say hi to any jankowskis you meet! or sowinskis. because i am totally related to ALL of them.
2) i would encourage you to continue blogging, but change the name?
3) i've heard the transition has been accomplished smoothly, though i have yet to see for myself.