22 July 2008

Bonus language post!

A few people have asked me about the language stuff in my first post. So here's a quick how-to, for all of you who care to know:

If the Chinese characters are just showing up as question marks...
If you're using Windows XP, go to the Control Panel (classic view preferable), and go to "Regional and Language Options." Go to the "Languages" tab, and check the box next to "Install files for East Asian languages." If you do this and it still doesn't show up, tell me! There might be another step involved.

If you, too, would like to use the hover-over feature in your blog...
Try out the following html. Except replace the []'s with <>'s.

[span title="Xing bu xing = Does this work? (sorta)"] 行不行?[/span]

Here's what it looks like: 行不行?

If you're hovering and the translation isn't appearing...
Try hovering over some other Chinese first. Odds are, I was just too absent-minded (read: lazy) to code that word. If it still doesn't work, huh. Let me know, and I'll figure it out.

A final note on 中文
I'll be using 繁體字 on this blog, or at least trying to. My 中文 education is as follows: 1 year of just 拼音 at Conestoga, then 1 year of 繁體字 to start at 哈佛, followed by 2 years of 簡體字, and ending college with another year of 繁體字 when I studied 古文 and 廣東話. FYI, 簡體字 are used in 中國大陸 and 繁體子 are used in 台灣. Because I'm going to 台灣, I'm trying to focus on 繁體子 here.


Jonathan said...

What I really want is a pronunciation guide. Can you write in the pronunciation as well? I want to improve my pronunciation.

Huilin said...

This hover thing is genius. Though it seems like hard work. :P

Terence said...

嗨, 我很歡迎妳來中華民國台灣 幫忙我們小朋友的英語教學 知道妳學過中文的簡體和正體字 很佩服 建議有空可以到台灣各處多看看 體驗不同的風土文化 希望妳一切順利
I'm so glad you keow the traditional chinese, so I left the comment above. May you enjoy the comming year in taiwan. good luck.