15 July 2008

First Post!


Twelve days until I leave with all my earthly belongings (that fit in two suitcases and one carry-on) for a long flight to... Seattle. Right. Visiting my brother John for a few days before I really leave. But in fifteen days, off I go from Seattle to Taipei 台北, and Taipei 台北 to Kaohsiung 高雄, all in just fourteen hours spent on a few planes. Technology these days, huh?

I'll be trying to keep up this blog throughout my year in Taiwan, and maybe beyond. Just as I have no idea what to expect once I arrive at 9am August 1st (that's 9pm July 31st to you in the Eastern Time Zone), I have no idea what this blog will become. Your suggestions are welcome.

For now, that's all I have. I just bought some very magenta luggage (intensity of magenta inversely corresponds to price, apparently), so I should probably get back to filling that instead of posting on this blog. What's there to say about Berwyn, anyway?


Author's Note: I will be occasionally writing some Chinese on this blog. I realize that most of you won't have a clue what it says. Try hovering over the characters with your mouse... hope it works!


Jonathan said...

First post!

E said...

Oh man, I love it when people write exciting blogs!


P.S. Here in Japan, there is...get this...WINTER SONATA PACHINKO. The really scary part is that it's Winter Sonata Pachinko 2.

Bhavin said...

I start a blog then everyone follows. Bryan ressurects Meemur and now Katie has this.

Sigh. (Even though Katie hasn't seen my blog...lol)

- Bjav

The Chao said...

Hey there fake id,

I'm pumped that a few of us plan to blog this next year! Oh, the possibilities!

And what is this awesome Chinese scroll-over feature you've got? How can I get it for my blog?

Looking forward to meeting you!


Andrei said...

katie, i'm in your blogger profile picture!!! this is so exciting!!

Ford said...

There are a bunch of question marks in your post - are they supposed to be the Chinese characters and I just don't have the font?

Let me know if there is a certain program or font I should have - cause I'd like to see them throughout your posts - and the hover thing worked over them too.

Sterling said...

TAIWAN! A place I love more than words... Well, your first day expect heat, unbelievable, humid heat and a week of killer jet lag. After that expect awesomeness and really good food. That is all.