20 February 2009

Wonderful Wawel

No, that's not alliteration in the title... Polish pronounces w's like English pronounces v's. Tricked ya, mental-pronouncers-of-the-title-who-thought-it-was-alliteration!

Moving right along.

Jonathan and I only did a few real touristy things during my stay in Krakow (if you don't count asking everyone if they speak English and taking pictures of everything as touristy things), but our tour of Wawel Castle was one of them.

It doesn't quite have the size or spectacle of Buckingham Palace, but Wawel was nice enough for me. We went on a snowy day, which of course made everything prettier. We got a guided tour through the royal private chambers, which was definitely a good choice because my minimal knowledge of Polish history was from 10th grade European History. Anyway, it wasn't until this guided tour that I realized how much Poland really was (is?) stuck in the middle of European affairs. The architecture and decor reflect influences from almost every other European country.

Anyway, if you really want to know more, I'm sure you can read about it on Wikipedia. People read blogs for pictures, so pictures you shall see.

Wawel from the outside:

View from Wawel of the Wisła (now that's alliterative):

Courtyard we saw upon entry, featuring the cathedral:

Interior courtyard, with the royal private apartments:


It was so cold, even the trees had to wear sweaters:

Note: this is not the previously mentioned pink puffy Carrefour jacket. Polish people don't believe in pink puffiness, so I borrowed one of Jon's jackets to blend in a little better.

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed inside the exhibits in Wawel, but you'll have to take my word that it was pretty neat. Or go to Krakow and take the tour yourself!


Rob said...

I loved the castle when I visited Krakow. Sadly I didn't get to go in, it was already closed, but seeing your pictures totally reminded me of my experience there!

Your Mom said...

"Pretty neat" -- I'm there. That's so enticing. You draw a lovely picture...
Seriously -- thanks for the pictures. You and Jon look like natives. Mom

Aubrey said...

You're not fooling anyone. You just went to Wawel because it kind of sounds like "Wawa." East sider. Sheetz rules.

PS - Your hat. I love it.

glennie said...

aww! i want to go to poland! I really don't know much about polish art, but its true that you can see a whole bunch of different styles - there is a great juxtaposition of delicate detail work and the solid buildings needed for a winter climate. You should also try to go to Prague sometime - its a little bit of the same way.