24 February 2009

The most irritating thing about Poland?

Okay, it's probably not the most irritating thing about Poland. And I'm sure it exists in more countries than Poland. But for my brief trip, I found great annoyance in the way Polish television is dubbed.

You all know I take my TV seriously. Fortunately, Taiwan has a great deal of American movies and various sports broadcasts, which we are able to get in English (with Chinese subtitles); even if there is a Chinese dub, we can hit a button on the remote to take it back to the English audio track. Anyway, there are no American sitcoms whatsoever. I think I took for granted the six times a day you could watch syndicated episodes of "Friends."

When I turned on the TV in Krakow, I was excited to see many different American shows: Friends, Grey's Anatomy, et cetera. Except every character in every show was dubbed by the one same, angry, bored-sounding Polish man. Interrupting the English track underneath, which was still at least slightly present.

Can't imagine it? Think it's not as bad as it sounds? Here's a clip of "Scrubs," another one of my favorites. Try to watch it without wanting to hunt down the dude who keeps interrupting what you actually want to hear.


Your Mom said...
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glennie said...

I got through 30 seconds.

Really, subtitles are the way to go - and it promotes reading!