10 May 2009

Did you know there's a Hello Kitty Bakery and Restaurant?

Because there is. In Taipei. And I went there.

My Hello Kitty hamburger:

The Hello Kitty decor:
To quote Dani's friend Alex, "I feel like I just walked into an eight-year-old girl's bedroom."

Hello Kitty pastries:

Even a Hello Kitty Bathroom:

Oh, and Hello Kitty says "Happy Mother's Day!"


Mom said...

Did Hello Kitty say it to me? Thanks for the call this morning. I think we told you there was a major Hello Kitty Gift Shop in Barbados...who knew?

Cressy said...

OMG, that's hilarious :P Sooo over the top...(I miss Asia)

AnnaR said...

WHOA that just made my day. hello kitty hamburgers?! amazing!

Aubrey said...

One word: jealous.

Shava said...

Wooow. Those pastries look amazing too!

Michelle said...

Too cute!!!!

Cheli said...

want! omg want