13 May 2009

A trip to Danshui

Last weekend in Taipei, we found ourselves with a few empty hours between lunch and dinner plans. So we took the subway to the end of the (north/blue line) to Danshui, where we spent an hour wandering around this ocean/bay area that reminded me of boardwalks on the Jersey Shore.

First, we ate at the only Dunkin Donuts I've seen in Taiwan so far (so, the first Boston Creme donut I've had since July):

Walked along the boardwalk and played a carnival game:

Took a picture of the pretty water:

And rode the subway back downtown for dinner:

Not a very eventful trip, but a pleasant one nonetheless, and a nice place to visit if you're ever in the Taipei area.


glennie said...

Lovely pics! But i want more - so i'll bug you in your comments until you set up a shutterfly account or something. >:( grrrr

ps. how did the doughnut compare?

Anonymous said...

Do an album on google through gmail...I agree with Glennie. I love the pictures!