07 September 2009

Kościuszko Mound

At the suburban edge of Krakow and walking distance from Jonathan's dorm, there is a former royal hunting grounds that has been turned into a park. Within the park are several memorial mounds (not burial mounds); last weekend (not this past weekend), we went on a walk through the park and ended up at Kościuszko Mound. Tadeusz (Thaddeus) Kościuszko was involved in the American Revolutionary War and also a Polish revolutionary. There are memorials of him all over the US, too, from Boston Common to Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Anyway, this was yet another beautiful day in Krakow, so I took a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

The path through the park:

A view from the park bench where we had bread and cheese:

From the base of the mound:
Krakow from the top of the mound:

Jonathan, with the Tatras far in the distance:
An attempt at taking a picture with the view of the city behind us:
More posts to come.


Mom said...

While you are out taking pictures in parks, your dog is eating cinnamon tic tacs (at least sucking the red off of them for me to find). We miss you!

glennie said...

Are the mounds man made or are they naturally occurring tall places that were just turned into memorials? Very pretty, either way - I'm glad you are having fun out and about in poland!

Jonathan said...

Hey Glennie,
The mounds are artificial.