22 September 2009

Wiener Trip 2k9: Vienna, Day Two

Saturday, we did not have nearly the agenda that we'd had on Friday, but still managed to see quite a lot of the city.

We first wandered to Stephansdom, a huge, very old, very beautiful church. The exterior is daunting but still approachable, while the interior is enough to take anyone's breath away. We didn't do any formal tours, but I took plenty of pictures.

The exterior:

The interior:

We wandered around, walking from Stephansplatz to Karlsplatz, taking pictures of many random buildings, eventually reaching a farmer's fair happening around the Hofburg Palace. So we sat, enjoyed, and took pictures.

Jonathan eats a Wiener wiener and drinks some Wiener beer:

I stand in front of a pretty building in the Hofburg (I believe it is now the National Library):

A building, most certainly part of the Hofburg:

A street on our way to somewhere:

We stand in front of the Federal Parliament building:

Later that night, we ventured to the Staatsoper (State Opera House), where we had obtained last-row (but non-obstructed view!) tickets for 20 Euros apiece to see Manon Lescaut. The opera house was beautiful, and unlike the Volksoper, it had English subtitles:

After the opera, we walked around the area and had some famous Wiener sachertorte and apfelstrudel. And took some more pictures.

All in all, a fantastic day.


glennie said...

Lovely! Like walking into the Sound of Music. That hot dog looks delicious...

Aubrey said...




Also, where are the pictures from the ball you attended? I thought we went over this...

PS - The word verification word for this comment is "morons." First you make me jealous of your trip and now your blog is name-calling. I see how it is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you for the posting the beautiful pictures. You had a great view of the light fixture...
Glad you had a good time.
Is there a reason I couldn't see day 1? I'll keep trying.

Susan said...

Dearest Katie,
I got your postcard from Europe!!Thank you for thinking of us!!We missed you so much!!Come visit us!!