28 September 2008

No school tomorrow?!?

I can't remember when my last day off of school was. It must have been senior year of high school, at which point it was probably just another day I had to spend working on college applications (or not working on college applications, but spending the entire day feeling like I should be).

But now, here I am, late September in Taiwan, and thanks to typhoon Jangmi, I don't have school tomorrow. Though "Typhoon Day!" doesn't quite have the same ring to it as "Snow Day" once did.

Not to mention that listening to 100+mph winds and torrential downpours is not nearly as fun as sledding in the neighbor's backyard. But at least there's that same feeling of cozy warmth and protectedness as you sit inside and eat carbs of all shapes and sizes, watching the world fly by outside.

A sample from my cell phone camera just now (at more of a lull, when I dared stick my precious phone out the window to capture it):

So now I can spend the rest of my night watching 色,戒 and making name tags for my students. Goodnight, all!

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Sterling said...

Yay typhoons! Ah, the stories I could tell but will spare you...