29 September 2008

Typhoon Holiday, Brother Birthday

Gchatting with Alex, one of our Fulbright leaders in Taipei:

Tsung-hsun: hi, katie
me: Hi Alex
yes, we are all at home today
Tsung-hsun: good
enjoy your typhoon holiday

Movies I watched while stuck inside during the typhoon:
Food I consumed while most restaurants were closed because of the typhoon:
  • Leftover Pizza Hut pizza (cold, of course)
  • Peanut butter granola bar
  • Kiwi (1)
  • Oreos (several)
  • Coca-cola
  • Chicken Teriyaki burger and fries from Mos Burger
Amount my sleep schedule was thrown off because of the typhoon:
  • A lot
Things that will make October different after this week:
  • Typhoons will stop coming through ... knock on wood
  • Jonathan will be visiting Oct 4th-22nd
  • English Village will be on hiatus 10/7 to 11/2, which means more free time on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • It will be at least a little cooler here in Kaohsiung ... knock on wood again

Time to go to bed again. If you know my brother Steve, remember to wish him a happy 25th birthday!

(Steve, at my graduation, after a night of no sleep, probably glaring at my mother for taking a picture of him)


Anonymous said...

Stephen would never glare at his mother I'm sure. She's too nice a person...raised some lovely children. A Friend

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie,

Welcome to K-Town.
Hope you are enjoying your stay.
BTW, is Waitress any good?
Also saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall recently, NOT as funny as I thought