30 April 2009

Hairspray: The Finished Product

Opening night was on Tuesday. A good time was had by all.

How Taiwan does "black"... a little awkward?:

An ensemble piece, "I can hear the bells," with the "plump" Tracy (she's wearing padding):

I worked with the guy who played Seaweed on the English in his lines. I was a little concerned and confused by his flat delivery when he practiced with me. Imagine my surprise when this is who he became on stage:

Us with the cast after their first show. I'm on the far left... don't confuse me for the girl who played Amber wearing the intensely blonde wig!


Jonathan said...

So how did "Say what?" go?

費凱蒂 Katie said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that... she nailed it! She told me she got nervous with me sitting in the audience and tried hard to remember the tips I gave her. Nice girl.