13 April 2009

Take me home...

If my current itinerary works out, I'm going to be back in the US on 1 July, 2009.

These are the things I've had undeniable cravings for and cannot wait to eat:
  • pancakes
  • Cinnabon
  • turkey club sandwich
  • good bread
  • brownies/cookies/banana bread
  • brown rice (the family recipe)
  • lasagna
  • pizza (Taiwanese pizza doesn't cut it)
  • cheese steak
  • anything else that can be made in an oven
I'm not really an unhealthy person, but come on, how often do you crave vegetables?

Jonathan is currently visiting me in Kaohsiung, so sorry about the silence on the blog. Yesterday we were walking Milo through the Cultural Center by my apartment and there was this tea festival going on, vendors and performances and all. We had to stop and watch this one. Particularly relevant for Office fans:


glennie said...

Dyl craved veggies in germany, mostly cause the only things she could get were pickled.

On the other hand, i would be glad to go out and help you fulfill your cravings.

You're going to be home just in time for July 4th, so i hope you are craving hot dogs and hamburgers and pasta salad as well. :)

Greg - StayTrue said...

Hey my name is Greg and I am lookig at teaching in Taiwan in about 9 months time. I was interested what areas you recommend to live in. I have enjoyed following your blog. You can reach me at gregorycain01@gmail.com, im interested to hear your input and experience

Aubrey said...

I wasn't sure what to expect when I pressed play on your video clip...but I do know that it definitely exceeded any expectations I could ever have. Ever.


Aunt Judy said...

Kates -- so glad to hear that you will be home sooner than originally planned! I think all of those food cravings can be conquered quite easily once you are back home. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you! And meeting Milo. Your mom is going to have to learn about larger dogs.
We lost Lilly on Friday. Very sad time.
Hope you are continuing to enjoy your teaching -- your blog has been great.
Big hugs