16 October 2008

Go Phillies!

As many of you know, baseball is the sport I've more than half-cared about throughout my life. So imagine my excitement when I got off the bus to Kenting today, signed online, and found that finally, the Phillies are in the World Series.

I remember back in '93 when my parents were fortunate enough to get four tickets to see them play the Blue Jays (of course, I was 8 and there were four family members older than me...), but I remember it was a very exciting time. And now, here I am in Taiwan, tuning into the beginning of games as I get ready for work, or catching the highlights on a Chinese-dubbed ESPN later that day.

What a disappointing time to not be in Philly... then again, I did name the majority of my 5th grade baseball class after Phillies players(I definitely have a Cole, Chase, and Shane), and I'm planning to do some class activities with the World Series... maybe having a bunch of enthusiastic 11 year olds will be adequate replacement for not being home during such an exciting time. Too bad the Yankees have the only Taiwanese baseball player in the MLB, and thus dominate the Taiwanese baseball merchandise market.

Unrelatedly, I'm writing from a hotel in Kenting, a beach town on the southern tip of Taiwan. It's raining a lot. We're going to an aquarium tomorrow. I'm laying off the blogging until Jon leaves (Wednesday), but don't worry, there will be blog posts and pictures aplenty soon after.


Ford said...

Since you're 12 hours ahead of us, can you let us know how Game 1 of the World Series goes on Wednesday before we see it?


Anonymous said...

It's the same now as when you were 8 -- we have two tickets and 3 people. If you come home, you and Stephen can go together...We miss you. I would send you a hat, but postage is $38 for a package -- maybe you'll turn 23 with a World Series championship celebration! Mom

Bjav said...

Hahahaha Bryan. Touche!