25 October 2008

Where all your dreams come true

The Dream Mall is one of Kaohsiung's newest points of pride. The second biggest mall in Asia, it boasts 9 or 10 floors of shopping, in addition to 2 basement food court levels, a movie theater on the top floor, and a rooftop amusement park. The roof also includes one of the world's biggest (though not the biggest) Hello Kitty Ferris wheels, also known as the Kaohsiung Eye.

Sometimes, you don't even need words. So here are some pictures from Jon and my dinner/movie/people-watching adventure at 夢時代.

We arrived at the Dream Mall via the (free, official) shuttle from the closest metro stop...

... and admired its shininess.

We looked at the shops...

... then wandered the amusement park.

A Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel? Can we handle it?

Yes, we can!

And now, you decide. Kaohsiung harbor on a cloudy afternoon?

... or Kaohsiung city that very same night?

And I hope you've enjoyed your second installment of Jon's visit to Taiwan.


Ford said...

I would have skipped riding in that awful, pink, Hello Kitty bus and walked instead. Or taken my chances and hitched hike - maybe the SpongeBob mobile could have picked you up instead...

Glennie said...

aww! i like pink - bryan, don't be such a heterosexual male.

I take it that the Dream mall puts kop in the dust? I kind of like the ferris wheel.

What did you mean for the last two pics? Which is the prettier one? (night shot - of course)