09 October 2008

Neglecting the blog for the boyfriend

My apologies for leaving you all stranded for the past week(-ish) while I selfishly wandered Taiwan with Jonathan. Now, while I wait in the lobby of Sheraton Hotel Taipei for his Yom Kippur services to get out (held in room 577), I'll write a quick update about what we've been up to, bullet-point-style.

  • Helping Jon choose randomly from menus (he has eaten 猪舌冬粉, among other things)
  • Riding the Hello Kitty ferris wheel atop the second biggest mall in Asia
  • Seeing 海角七号 (viewing number 3 for me)
  • Riding the 高铁 from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung, and back up to Taipei
  • Taking cabs and chatting with toothless and/or singing cab drivers
  • Answering lots and lots of questions from students about how two people from the same country have different color hair (and why it grows on his arms!)
  • Learning about the world of dentistry from my host father
  • Trying every kind of 奶茶
Now we find ourselves in Taipei to celebrate 双十 as foreign VIPs, and maybe also go to the zoo. Check you later.

PS, for those keeping score at home, yes, I am using 简体字 in this post. Even though I bought my baby laptop here in Taiwan, it doesn't have pinyin for traditional characters (it uses the crazy keyboard I have yet to figure out). And my normal laptop doesn't fit in my purse, so it didn't make it to Taipei.


Bjav said...

No pictures of Jon?

I'm highly disappointed.

Sterling said...

YAY JON!!! Neglect us all you want! So, I saw this girl on campus with dark curly hair wearing skinny jeans and decided to call amfrass. It made me miss you. Oh, and she got into HBS, so I guess you're just waiting on me now to complete the taco bell triumvirate of Harvard alumni/a!