27 June 2009


It's currently Saturday-turning-Sunday. I'm leaving Kaohsiung early Wednesday. I lose my internet sometime between now and then.

I know I have many unblogged stories. Those things that I said I'd blog about back in September, well, I still remember them.

And the month of July, when I'll be sitting on my couch waiting for my employed friends to get off work, will be a perfect time to write those blog entries.

For now, though, unless I get simultaneously creative and bored of packing, don't expect any new entries. Never fear, though. I will probably continue writing about this Taiwan experience for as long as there are new and interesting things to write, so this blog is far from over.

Goodbye and thanks, Fulbright. Taiwan, you've truly touched my heart. Kaohsiung, well, I think I'll miss you most of all.


Susan said...

Dearest,I'll miss you very much!

Mindy said...

Dear Katie,

I am arriving in Kaohsiung in September to study Mandarin with my daughter. I wanted to know if you have any favorite spots to share or things I should bring...

I read through most of your posts.

Thanks and sorry to bother you.


Joanna Leigh said...

aww, it really seems like this was such a great experience for you, kates. i know you'll miss taiwan, but the U.S. misses you too, and eagerly awaits your arrival home! congratulations on a year well-blogged!!!! love you!