09 June 2009

Monkeys and home theater

So, the English textbooks used in Taiwanese elementary schools are, across the board, weird. "Hello, Darbie," the book we use for my fifth graders, is overall pretty good. Except that I just had to teach and explain this story to my students:

1. Tarzan is going to the bank.
2. He sees many monkeys, lions and elephants on his way.
3. Now he has some money. He is going to the department store.
4. The TV and the CD player are on sale. They are only one hundred dollars.
5. Ten monkeys are helping him.
6. Now he has a home theater. All the animals can see the movies with him.

I don't know about you, but this is certainly one of the first things I hope to learn when studying a foreign language.

Note: I didn't know how to say "home theater" in Chinese until today.


Aunt Judy said...

I am personally impressed that monkeys are allowed in the store, are willing to carry things, and enjoy home theatres. Yes indeed, this is critical vocabulary if any of these kids ever come to America.
You always give a new perspective, Katie. I have really enjoyed your blog all year.
Much love --

Maya said...

Well obviously animals help you with your home theater shopping needs. It's just like how Little Red Riding Hood has a monkey who becomes her friend after her dad saves her from the Big Bad Wolf.