22 June 2009

A nice card

I'm down to nine days left in Taiwan, so the goodbyes and thankyous are starting to happen. It's a rough time. I made a card for each of my 350-some students, and today I received a very nice card from a fifth grader named Vicky. It's all in English, which is no small feat. I hope you'll appreciate it as much as I did:

Katie teachers: a year to get along with you, we are very happy! Unfortunately, you want back to the United States, and if you are free to come back to see us oh! Something we all look forward to you coming back! I will often send mail to you the! I wish you happiness, youthful beauty, the right to marry as soon as possible! Married to tell us oh!


These kids will be very hard to leave. But hopefully, someday, I will get to come back to see them.


glennie said...

Haha! That is adorable. I'm very impressed with her card - especially the "right to marry" wish. :)

Shava said...

so nice of you to write a whopping 350 cards to your students!! your student wrote such a great response as well oh!

Bjav said...

Not gonna lie, it's been awhile since I've seen a card or something in writing that didn't say "lol, haha, ttyl" in it.

carissa said...

that is hilarious! they care about the marriage thing, huh?