13 June 2009

Some fun facts

I was going to take some of my own recordings of this stuff, but why do that when someone else has?

Fact #1: Crossing the street in Taiwan is way more fun than it is in the US.

Fact #2: If you hear a singing truck, it is not ice cream. In fact, it is trash. And if you don't live in an apartment building where trash is centrally collected (which I do), you are expected to run out and meet it with your properly-sorted garbage.

Fact #3: In Taiwan, I have come to like... or love... sashimi. Contrary to most of my food habits and principles relating to fish, I can't get enough of that raw fish on rice stuff. Fortunately for me, there's a chain of rotating sushi restaurants all around Taiwan where you can get a plate of sushi for 1 USD. So, eating until you're absolutely full costs up to $7. Fantastic.
Remember: not my video. Not my commentary. But it is from the same chain where I eat regularly.


Aubrey said...

You know, I was pretty content with crossing the street in the United States. Until now. Now I'm bitter. And boycotting. I'm even creating a activist group to promote more animated icons. We're called the CROSS >.< WALKERS. (Get it? We're cross, as in we're angry.)

Steve said...

haha, i was pretty excited about regular old countdown ped signals. but animated countdown signals!? so unnecessary but so awesome. i just did plans for new ped signals in wilmington, i wonder if it's too late to make them THOSE signals.

i'm also curious as to why so many people are standing around holding their trash, ready for the truck to come. little weird.

Shava said...

i kind of love the singing trash-truck idea....