09 November 2008

A Landmark Occasion

Today in Kaohsiung, for the first time since I got here three and a half months ago, the temperature went below 80 degrees. All the way down to 66 degrees. Fahrenheit.

Kids are wearing ski vests over their gym uniforms. We didn't turn the fans on in class. I didn't sweat walking to the bus stop.

Of course, the same weather in New England would bring out lots of pasty skin revealed by shorts and tank tops, but here, I'm really excited that I can finally wear long pants and not want to die.

Here's to hoping this lasts!


Bjav said...

Girls don't sweat, they perspire!

Mom said...

Girls don't perspire Bjav -- they "glow" -- but I suspect all bets are off in Taiwan.

Emily said...

Wow, that sounds positively Arctic.

-writing this from Cambridge in winter