09 November 2008

Long weekend #2: Kenting

I've been neglecting the blog lately. I have two excuses, but I won't bother to tell you about them. Instead, I'll do a mostly-pictures update of my second weekend trip when Jon was here. We went to Kenting, which is on the southern tip of Taiwan. The setting of "Cape No. 7," Kenting is the Taiwanese resort town. Except we stayed in a small inn, not a huge resort, so much of the weekend was spent figuring out how to get around and what we were supposed to be doing. Regardless, Kenting was a beautiful place to be, and thanks to a friend of a friend of a friend (remember what I said about how getting advice from locals was a necessity?), we did end up at some good restaurants and on an excellent snorkelling excursion.

And now, some pictures.

Jon overlooks the main Kenting beach:

A view of the landscape on the east coast of Taiwan:

The Pacific Ocean. Look really hard, can you see California?

A nice trip to the national aquarium:

And a great snorkeling trip by the nuclear power plant. Seriously. Once you swim through a few yards of trash, you get to an amazingly diverse and beautiful coral reef:
(our snorkel-guide had an underwater camera. Phew.)

I still have some other Jon pictures and stories, but they are smaller. This will probably be my last in the "Jon summary" series, as I'm getting way behind on blogging on actual current events. But I hope you've enjoyed these stories. All this and more could be yours, if you visit Taiwan, too!


glennie said...

Aww! Hooray Jon Time! And I will try to swing by for a few days when I visit Anne in Cambodia (because really, comparitively to the US, its not that far away). I'm hoarding my vacation time.

The Chao said...

One of the aquarium photos makes it look like you two are underwater. "and I think that's awesome"

Haley said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog searching for apartments in lovely Kaohsiung. I just thought i'd comment that my cousin and i took a trip from Oklahoma to Kaohsiung (and the coast where the aquarium is located) and it was LOVELY. I'm absolutely set on living there, although i'm only sixteen