12 November 2008

My two excuses

So, the secret's out. Time to disclose what I've been busy with the past few weeks. But first, let me explain how it all started.

A few weeks ago, my roommate Dani was getting her bike out to run an errand. I was chatting with her while she was getting ready to head out. I told her about how I don't like using my bike as much in this traffic, and that I was (and am) thinking about getting an electric bike, or a kit to make my bike electric. Dani was half-interested in, half-amused by my rambling. I then said, "It's okay, it's just something I'm fixated on right now. That, and... how would you feel if I got a small, contained pet in my room? Like a flying squirrel or chinchilla?"

Dani laughed, said she didn't really care what I did, and then said, "What I really want is a dog." As a chinchilla was the most interesting, cuddly, still-containable pet I could come up with because I thought a dog was out of the question, I was excited by her response. So we talked. And we plotted. And we asked our roommates. I asked our guard whether dogs were allowed in the building, and he answered, "不要吵就可以啦!"

We had all the green lights we needed. So I started searching and email local animal shelters (in Chinese!) about adopting dogs. About a week and three trips to 左營 later, Sonic and Milo had entered our lives.

Dani and I adopted two stray puppies (sort of for my birthday) from an animal shelter here in Kaohsiung. They are mixed breeds, brothers, about two or three months old. We named one Sonic, because he is a little ball of energy like our favorite video game hedgehog. We considered some obvious corresponding names (Knuckles, Doc(tor Robotnik), and Tails)... but somehow, ended up with Milo.

If you're concerned, veterinary care is very inexpensive in Taiwan and we can more than afford it. And though it's complicated, I'm planning on taking them with me when I leave Taiwan.

And now, some pictures.

First, my birthday lunch at T.G.I.Friday's.

And now, PUPPIES! Everybody loves puppies.

First day home, Sonic likes chewing on my sock.

Dani cuddles the tiny, calm Milo while Sonic watches, desperate for attention.

Sonic finds the attention he seeks. In my lap.

Now, the boys are growing up. Milo is more energetic, and Sonic and I have enjoyed several naps together on the couch. Milo finishes his dinner first and stands vigilant over Sonic, waiting for him to lose interest and leave his bowl unattended.

They are sweet, smart boys who are about 90% paper-trained after less than two weeks. Their vaccines aren't complete until Christmas, so for now they have to be apartment dogs and can't go outside. But they were officially introduced to my Fulbright peers last night, so now they can be officially introduced to you.


Shava said...


I can't wait to meet them when you come back home!

Bjav said...

You went with Milo! YES.

glennie said...

Aw! They are so adorable! I approve heartily.

KT's Mom said...

Milo and Otis? What's the Milo source (Phantom Toolbooth?) Bringing "them" home?

Bjav said...

Milo was the awesome dog in The Mask.

Aunt Judy said...

Katie -- I asked Anne how you move them from country to country, and she said that you should call the US Consular office and they can tell you what shots they need, who the approved vets are, and what you need for each country. They also give you the transport rules. She said it's pretty easy to take them back to the US, and since Taiwan is an island, it might also be easy to take them to Australia -- I believe you mentioned that in an earlier message.
In any event, they are WAY cute. And as I sit here with two Jack Russells in my lap, two are better than one.
Aunt Judy

Cressy said...

Oh my goodness, you go girl! The puppies are adorable and I just really want to touch them *gets computer screen all dirty with fingerprints*~~~
Can't wait to see them when you come back here next year :) I'm considering adopting a stray cat that's been living outside of my apartment right now, and I'm totally not as decisive as you are...
Oh, also, I'm going to Philly for Christmas! Any present you'd like? I can just leave it there in your pile and you can get it when you come back (so don't ask for food...lol).
Have fun with the lovely new additions to your life :D

Laura C.N. said...

katie! your puppies are 很可爱!!!super cute.