20 November 2008

A little slice of home

So, you know how those fake-vintage shirts have become really popular lately? "Iowa City 4-H State Finalists 2003," "Chippewa Little League All Stars," "San Jose High Varsity Soccer," etc. Well, they are particularly popular in Taiwan. I get the feeling they're mostly made in Asian countries, from the bizarre diction and spelling used.

Anyway, yesterday in class, one of my fourth grade students was wearing one of these shirts. I almost didn't notice, but when she came up to do the speaking part of her midterm, my jaw almost dropped. Later, after the test, I just had to get a picture.


I mean, it's not spelled perfectly, but Tredyffrin-Easttown was the only word I ever got wrong in 5th grade spelling. Bizarre, eh?


Bjav said...

The Taiwanese government performed an extensive background check on you.

Then they gave that little girl a present to scare you.

They're watching you Katie.

Aunt Judy said...

The good news is that you recognized that it was misspelled. That's why you went to Harvard.
What a hoot -- did you explain to her why you liked it so?
How are the puppies?
Aunt Judy

Briana said...

i want one!

Anonymous said...

What? That's not the way you spell it????