16 January 2009


In my random internet surfing, once again having its pervasive tune stuck in my head, I tracked down the video for the Kaohsiung World Games theme song. If you're curious:

Two things strike me about this video.

First, of all the landscapes and scenic spots shown in the video, I can identify and have been to about 90% of them. I'm not quite sure I could say that for a corresponding Philadelphia video.

Second, almost all of the comments (in Chinese) say something along the lines of "Kaohsiung has really progressed!" One (presumably) Kaohsiung local even says how he is filled with emotion and tears come to his eyes when he watches the video. As someone who never saw the Kaohsiung of before, I cannot relate to how much the city has changed; I can relate, however, to how much the city impresses me now.


Mom said...

You've seen Philadelphia, but mostly on field trips or events to do something specific. Being a tourist in your own town is something we rarely do -- maybe a goal for your next time at home. Glad you drew a great posting -- and that you have some pride in your new home away from home. Mom

~m said...

this is awesome and now i am going to have it stuck in my head. my friend says the popstar recruited to sing is known for his peppy, nationalistic songs. it fits.