11 January 2009

Life and Times of a Taiwanese 3rd Grader

Today, as one of my third grade classes was about to begin, a girl named Emily ran up to me.

She quickly looked around, then leaned forward and whispered, "Teacher Katie. Donna like J.J." I laughed a little and started to scan the room for evidence. Emily tugged on my shirt. "Don't say! Don't say!" She shook her head as she ran back to her desk.

Later, at lunch, a boy in the same class came up to me. "Teacher Katie, call me!" I laughed and said OK. Then he started to say numbers. A few minutes later, he gave me a piece of paper with his name, class, and cell phone number on it. With a little picture of a cell phone in case I forgot.

Kids are cute. It's a fact.


Mom said...

Kudos to you for knowing that and sharing it with us. We're very proud of your effort and enthusiasm in this project. xox

Aunt Judy said...

In third grade I was in love with John Lieberman. I didn't care who knew as long as he didn't. That's the glory of love in the third grade.
Glad you recognize it. Even more, I was touched that they wanted to share it with you.
But the kid with the cell phone number....think he's out a little ahead of himself? Hitting on a 23 year old?
Aunt Judy