23 January 2009

Intro to Krakow

My flight landed in Krakow yesterday morning. After being yelled at a lot in the Munich airport (apparently I look very German), and getting that precious E.U. stamp in my passport, I got on that final flight to Krakow. Twenty hours of flying, four in-flight meals, one new friend (an old Taiwanese woman who got her PhD in machine translation in Germany), and several miles of airport later, I arrived in Krakow.

As I headed from Munich to Krakow, I saw the sunrise.

And when I landed, it was snowing. How much have I missed snow, and being cold in general? A lot.

When I arrived in Krakow and met Jonathan, I realized why he'd been afraid to go out and explore the city much since he got here (four days ago). Unlike in Taiwan, we look enough like we live here and speak the language (which we don't). So, on the walk from the train station to the apartment, I took out my camera and started taking pictures of everything. This was half because I found everything beautiful and wanted to capture it, and half because I wanted to confirm to all who might be wondering that we are (non-Polish-speaking) tourists.

The pictures I took were largely blurry and low-quality because I was literally waving the camera around to take them, but here's a good preview of the beautiful city where I'm spending my winter vacation:

Oh, and Jonathan was happy to see me. Yay.

I spent my second day in Krakow inside, icing the muscle spasm I earned from walking through miles of airport with a heavy backpack, catching up on sleep, and reading, as I waited for Jonathan to get back from lab. But now he's back, and we're headed out to brave another dinner where the waitress will inevitably address us in Polish. More updates to come!


Aunt Judy said...

Hey, Kates -- I always had that problem in Europe. Everyone assumed I was German, and spoke to me in German. Mostly they were annoyed when I answered in French or Italian. It is always difficult to be in a place where you have no clue what they are saying, and as Polish is closer to Russian than anything else, it's a pretty tough language. If Jonathan is to be there for a number of years, is he in language school? Can't be easy.
Enjoy the vacation, the weather, and Jonathan. Poland is an interesting country.
Aunt Judy

Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. Isn't that a Jon pic from college days? Enjoy your break!

glennie said...

You're so right! Its almost embarrassing to make mistakes if you look like you are supposed to belong. You'll get over it though. Learn how to say "do you speak english" in polish. (this is the only phrase i know in a number of languages)