07 January 2009


The perfect punishment for bad posture?

Seven evenly placed mosquito bites along a centimeter-wide strip on my lower back. I guess I shouldn't have hunched over and/or worn that Taiwanese-sized shirt for a whole 40 minutes during a meeting today.

It's "winter" (~72 Fahrenheit), aren't mosquitoes supposed to be gone by now?


glennie said...

You get very little pity, considering i had to walk to work in the rain and sit with wet pants for 2 hours.

Anonymous said...

What? No Pictures?

Steve said...

hm...wet pants for a couple hours...or seven itchy painful mosquito bites that last for days. yeah i dont know what i'd rather have. haha. glennie maybe you need an umbrella. or a bigger umbrella. i hear they help.